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H.E. Abbas Vaezi Dehnavi

Honorable Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran  




Family name

Vaezi Dehnavi

Date of birth


Marital status


Married with two children






PhD in Politics-Political Thought, Humanities and Cultural Studies Research Center, Tehran




MA in Political Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Tehran


BA in English Language and Literature, University of Tehran, Tehran



Certificate from the Seminary School



Certificate of English Language Learning, Tehran





Working with SAMAD, the online website of the government-people link



ICDL qualification


Workshop on “National Security”



Workshop to promote to first secretary at the MFA



Workshop to promote to first counselor at the MFA



English language test of proficiency









Director General for Evaluation and Supervision, Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Deputy head of Evaluation and Supervision, Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Iranian ambassador to Tanzania



Head of the Selection Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs












Deputy head of Evaluation and Supervision, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Deputy head of mission at the Iranian embassy in Zimbabwe


Expert of Second Africa Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Instructor of English Language and Theology at the University of Marine Sciences


Head of the Ideological/Political Office in Noshahr University of Marine Sciences


Instructor of Arabic Language and Theology at Tehran University 







Translation an article on Islam in the Soviet Union



Geopolitics Theory in International Relations



Political Thought of Abdorrahman Kavakebi



Liberalism and neo-liberalism



Theory of Dependence and Religious Approach



Thoughts and political character of Sheikh Morteza Ansari



Ibn Khaldoun, historical, philosopher, sociologist



Secularism and the Islamic Republic of Iran



International aspects of the War on Terror after 9/11 and solutions


Book reviews:

1-   Knowing communities from the viewpoint of Farabi and Ibn Khaldoun

2-   Theoretical sociology in Islam



Secularism in Iran



Aristotle and sociology



Islam and the UN Declaration on Human Rights (similarities and differences)


Social activities 



Member of Islamic Association at school and university



Presence in the warfronts during the Sacred Defense



War disabled



Family member of the martyrs



Delivering speeches in religious functions




Professional experience



MFA representative in the meetings of Supervisory Organizations Council



Secretary of Civil Rights Committee at the MFA



Member of the MFA Taskforce on Protecting Public Security and Civil Rights



Member of the Sectoral Statistics Committee of the MFA



Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs



Chair of the MFA complaints commission



Member of the Coordination Council for Legal Affairs of the MFA



Member of the Selection Scientific Board of the MFA



Member of the Administrative Offences of the MFA



Member of the Board of Trustees of the Self-regulated Bodies of  the MFA



Member of the Selection Committee of the MFA



Secretary of the Ceremony to celebrate the 100s Provincial Tour



Member of the Examination Board of the MFA


















Ministry of foreign affairs,
Islamic Republic of IRAN,
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